The Perricone Project: Preparing.

My grand experiment starts tomorrow: Follow Dr. Perricone’s meal plan (as detailed in this book) for two weeks. I mapped out my own variation of the plan, since I don’t particularly enjoy a few of the foods on the menu (olives, especially) and since it’s hard to buy too many different types of food for the week, considering the fact that I live by myself.

That said, I probably still managed to buy too much food today. I went to Trader Joe’s on my mission, shopping list in hand, organized by section of the store (I go there a lot; I know where things are). The result? Some very heavy shopping bags. Oh, and all this…

I got home, cleaned out the refrigerator, and promptly left for Pike Place Market to obtain one zucchini, some flowers, and (hopefully) the endives that I hadn’t found on my original mission. Alas, no endives in sight, but I did get the flowers and the zucchini. I will not be eating the flowers. The same cannot be said of the zucchini.

I will, of course, have to modify my meal plan due to lack of endives. I have a surplus of peaches due to Trader Joe’s overzealous fruit packing, so I think one of those will do.

For my last unhealthy meal (for the next two weeks, anyway), I went to Serious Pie, a Tom Douglas restaurant that serves gourmet pizza. I had a Tuscan kale salad and too many slices of two different pizzas – sweet fennel sausage and chanterelle and truffle cheese. Yum. I usually stay away from bread, but tonight was the night to indulge. I even had a glass of pinot grigio and half a cannelloni dessert. Bad girl.

As for the plan for the next two weeks, I have a few rules:

  1. The meal plan is somewhat adjustable; for instance, if I don’t have/don’t like the food that Perricone lists for that day, I can replace it with something from another day.
  2. No non-prescribed substitutions. None. No sneaking chips or cookies or candy or anything that isn’t somewhere on the list.
  3. I will be taking pictures of everything I eat (but not the things I drink, because water, coffee, and green tea are not that exciting). If I slip and have a snack, I have to log that, too. Hopefully this will deter me from disobeying.
  4. Perricone specifies the elimination of coffee and recommends substituting with green tea. I’ve tried this before. While I love green tea and plan to drink it with most meals, I have a job that requires me to wake up at 5 am; needless to say, I will be having two cups of coffee every morning. Sorry, Dr. Perricone.
  5. For the exercise portion of this plan, I’ll probably do some form of cardio every day, because that’s what I do anyway. Maybe I’ll try the weights. I’ll log any exercising I do, just for funsies.

So… here goes. Wish me luck!


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