Life in the cubicle.

I’ve noticed that many of my coworkers have a tendency of eating really unhealthy food – we’re talking cookies, donuts, generally gluten- and sugar-laden, over-processed garbage. That’s fine; who am I to judge? I used to love that stuff. So what’s the problem with this? The also like to bring it in and “share.” I know they’re trying to be nice, but as someone who tries to eat healthy food, I find it to be an uphill battle when I’m at work and constantly surrounded by food I really shouldn’t be eating.

I have to wonder… Why is this seemingly universally acceptable behavior? And why is it allowed to continue? All that sugar can’t be good for our health, not to mention morale and productivity – sugar and refined carbs are the absolute worst foods you can ingest, especially if you want to have sustained energy and be in a halfway decent mood throughout the day. The woman who runs our department brings in bagels and cream cheese every Thursday. I once read somewhere that one bagel represents about four servings of bread, and don’t even get me started on the cream cheese. Really, if you’re just going to bring in junk food, why bring anything at all? It would probably save some money, anyway.

The food issue is one of the main reasons I think I would do better working at home (most days, at least). It would be wonderful – I could get up at a reasonable hour because my commute would be short, I could take a break to spend some quality time at the gym without having to compete with my neighbors for machines (and the TV), I could control the availability of food… it would be wonderful.

Then again, I couldn’t get up on my high horse if I did that, and what fun would that be?


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