Day 6.


On the menu: Omelet of 3 egg whites and 1 yolk with a few sliced mushrooms and a little spinach; 2 slices turkey bacon; 1/2 cup blueberries.

The reality: 2 slices turkey bacon; 1/2 cup cottage cheese with a little cinnamon and Splenda; 1/2 cup blueberries.

Summary: I realized at about 10 pm last night as I was trying to fall asleep that I had forgotten to go across the street and get more eggs for breakfast, so I had to improvise this morning. Fortunately, I love cottage cheese; also, it was a bit of a relief not to have to do any real cooking this morning, since I woke up half an hour later than I’d intended.


On the menu: 4 ounces baked salmon; Caesar salad without croutons; 1/2 apple.

The reality: 4 ounces baked salmon; romaine lettuce salad with green onion, sliced mushroom, and a few leaves fresh basil, topped with 1/2 tablespoon parmigiano reggiano and 1 tablespoon TJ’s pear-gorgonzola vinaigrette; 1/2 apple.

Summary: I don’t really know what a Caesar salad is supposed to contain, and I didn’t feel like Googling it last night when I was packing my lunch, so I just made a salad that sounded tasty. Close enough.

Afternoon Snack

On the menu: 1 hard-boiled egg; 1/2 cup strawberries; 3 almonds.

The reality: 1 hard-boiled egg with pepper; 1/2 cup strawberries; 3 wasabi-soy almonds.

Summary: Yummy and simple.


On the menu: 4-6 ounces grilled halibut; tossed Greek salad made with romaine lettuce, 1 ounce feta cheese, 1/2 cucumber, 4 cherry tomatoes, and 2 teaspoons sliced almonds, tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and a dash of oregano; steamed or grilled asparagus; 1/2 cup strawberries.

The reality: 6 ounces grilled cod, marinated in Thai spicy sauce from Whole Foods; tossed salad made with romaine lettuce, 1 ounce feta cheese, 4 cherry tomatoes, and 2 teaspoons sliced almonds, tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic; 4 brussels sprouts; 1/2 cup strawberries.

Summary: I made a lot of changes to the original meal plan, but I think it was still acceptable. I had no halibut, and I hadn’t taken the cod out of the freezer this morning, so I got cod at Whole Foods (they had a 6-ounce package of fresh cod) and picked up the marinade while I was there. It turned out to be really tasty. Also, the asparagus I got last weekend didn’t look so good, so I opted for brussels sprouts instead. I forgot about the cucumber, so I didn’t add it to the salad. The fruit was supposed to be cantaloupe, but I’m allergic to melon, so I substituted strawberries.

Bedtime Snack

On the menu: 2 ounces sliced turkey or chicken breast; 4 almonds; small peach or nectarine.

The reality: 1/2 cup cottage cheese with Splenda and cinnamon; 1/2 cup strawberries; 4 almonds.

Summary: No turkey breast, chicken breast didn’t taste right; peaches went bad. I had to improvise. Fortunately, I really wanted cottage cheese anyway, so it all worked out.

Today’s Exercise

I had to run errands after work, so I didn’t get my entire 2-mile walk today. However, I had a great gym workout tonight – burned 381 calories on the elliptical and spent a good 5 minutes dancing to this new playlist I’m putting together. New music always makes my workouts better.


I upped my vitamin D from 7,000 IUs to 10,000 IUs today, since the weather has been so dreary. I had a good day, energy-wise, although I don’t know if that was just a coincidence. In any case, I’m feeling great, and I really do think I’m shrinking – my waist was at 23.75″ this morning. I ordered most of the groceries for next week from Amazon Fresh, so those will be here Sunday morning, and the remainder will come from Trader Joe’s. I really like eating this way. I’m not tempted to snack between meals because I don’t go without food long enough to really get hungry, and I know I’m eating good stuff. Despite the fact that I deviated from the plan quite a bit today, I think I still did pretty well.


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