Back to Perricone.

So, I was really bad yesterday. The holiday was my day off from Perricone and I took full advantage – I ate sushi with the white rice, I ate a BBQ pork hom bow, I ate cheesecake, I ate chips… not to mention the Russian feast and even more cheesecake later. And chocolate. Don’t forget the chocolate.

I’m resuming a normal eating schedule today, fortunately – all the less-than-healthy food yesterday has made my stomach not very happy. It was worth it, but I learned that I can’t/don’t want to eat the way I used to. The rice in the sushi rolls, which I used to believe to be integral to the sushi experience, seemed extraneous and a detraction from the delicious raw fish. I could’ve gone without the bread on the hom bow and just eaten the BBQ pork filling. The mini cheesecake from the market, while thoroughly delicious, proved to be too much sugar and rendered me useless for about an hour while I tried to get over the jitters (seriously – not cool). I can’t say I regret the kulebiaka, though. It wasn’t all that healthy, what with all that sauteing in butter (and let’s not even touch the puff pastry), but it was too amazingly delicious to have any regrets.

The point of all this? I needed a day to eat badly to realize how much better I feel when I eat well. So today? I’m mostly back to Perricone, and will be completely back when I eat the rest of my leftovers from last night.


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