Healthy foodie remembers how to eat healthy food.

I haven’t been eating that badly this week. Sure, there was a lot of cheese, and there were those apple crisps, and there was all that frozen yogurt… but they were made from good things! Still, I feel guilty. So tonight, I ate what I was supposed to be eating:

Asparagus with goat cheese and pesto, sauteed spinach with garlic, mushrooms, onions and sun-dried tomatoes, and sesame teriyaki salmon… mmmm.

I really enjoyed the sauteed spinach… I just made up the recipe. You saute the garlic and onion in olive oil until the onion has started to brown, then throw the mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in there and saute for a few more minutes, then wilt the spinach. Super easy. I also topped it with bacon bits, which probably wasn’t super healthy, but oh well.

They provided free lunch at work today – Chinese food! Yum. Except here’s what was on the menu: almond chicken, Mongolian beef, chow mein, and egg rolls. Oh, and fortune cookies. Notice something conspicuously missing? Oh yes – vegetables. Seriously! They didn’t serve any veggies! After I ate all the protein and fried goodness, I had to go to the salad bar downstairs and put something together. It was too much food, for sure, but I’d rather eat too much and know my meal was somewhat balanced than not get enough nutrients.

Tomorrow… I leave to meet my mommy in California! And Sunday we leave for Buenos Aires! I think I must stop blogging and start packing now…


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