Buenos dias, Buenos Aires!

Ah, what a trip. Started off at SFO, which I loved because there was a Peet’s Coffee in every direction. What can I say? I’m a coffee snob, and Peet’s is my brand of choice.

I don’t know this guy. He just kind of hopped into my picture.

Long story short… We made it! After two flights and fifteen hours of traveling, we finally made our way to the house in San Telmo; groggy, a little punchy (my mother especially), but in one piece and with all our luggage. We’ve been here four hours now – we walked, we shopped, we ate – and now we’re back to do a little resting.

Food-wise: The plane food was awful. It reached a new level of awful. American Airlines? Not impressed. Except, strangely, the breakfast croissant was quite good this morning.

We just ate lunch at Bar el Federal, which is about a block from our house. I remembered it from the guidebooks, but couldn’t remember why until I read the history on their website. Very cool place.

We started off with an appetizer of bread with this delicious pesto-bleu cheese-ricotta dip (which I will attempt to duplicate at some point, I’m sure). Due to lack of Spanish-speaking abilities, and the daunting task of trying to decipher the twenty-page menu, we ended up ordering a mozzarella and prosciutto pizzeta and a little salad, both of which were delicious.

Then we ordered cappuccinos, and the waiter (who was very patient with us) brought us a tasty little piece of cake…

I’m not usually a huge cappuccino fan, but this one was amazing. Argentina is known for being heavily influenced by Italian culture, and along with the country’s proximity to some of the best bean-growing locations, it stands to reason that the espresso would be top-notch. And it is… at least, from the one cappuccino I’ve had. Oh, and the cake was also delicious – not too sweet, just the right size to convince me that the calories didn’t count.

So far, so good! I think we’re going to Desnivel for dinner… mmm, I want those empanadas. Mmm.


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