Slowly expanding from all the bread…

We’ve made it to Day 2 of our Buenos Aires trip, and already I’m full of bread. Last night we ended up going to a little cafe in San Telmo called El Secreto – it’s basically a sports bar. Very simple. We landed there because our power went out and 1) it would’ve been difficult to get ready for a nice dinner in the dark, and 2) we needed to use WiFi and theirs was free.

We decided to try this Argentine beef we’d heard so much about:

It looks pretty, but it was just okay. I scarfed it down, though, since I’d just woken up from a nap and for some reason that always makes me ravenous. We also split a small flan and each had a glass of wine as we waited for Eva (the housekeeper) to meet us and find out why the power was out. She did, by the way. It was back on an hour or so later and has not been out since.

Today, Eva took us to La Boca, a poorer neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a short bus ride from San Telmo (in which direction I couldn’t tell you, since I’m still getting my bearings). We stopped at a parrilla (barbecue) for lunch, where my mom and I both had delicious chicken empanadas and salads. Eva laughed at us for having salads. Apparently they don’t do that so much here.

She also insisted that we would “need lots of water” because the chimichurri sauce was supposedly so spicy; it had a slight spice to it, yes, but it was not what I would call spicy. Clearly Argentines have not been exposed to Thai food.

We did some walking after lunch (my mom did more shopping – she’s all about the shopping), then caught the bus back to San Telmo and eventually made our way to the Plaza Dorrengo for cappuccinos…

… and a snack of grilled goat cheese…

… which was, of course, served with bread. Oh well, it was delicious.

We’re still trying to decide where to go to dinner (my mom is reading the guidebook aloud as I’m typing this). I think we’ve settled on La Brigada. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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