Eating like the Argentines do.

Argentines don’t usually eat breakfast, and this morning, we learned why. We stayed at La Brigada until close to midnight, which is fairly typical for dinner – people here really know how to dine. We then proceeded to sleep until 11, so we almost completely missed the morning. Part of it, I’m sure, was jetlag – but part of it had to be that we ate dinner so late last night.

By about 1 pm, we were ready to leave the house and find food again (this is how my mother and I travel – we basically eat our way through every city). We wandered down Carlos Calvo (our street), aiming loosely toward the ATM, and ended up stopping for lunch at Don Ernesto.

They served these delicious white beans with bread:

And ohmigodthebestempanadasever:

Seriously. They were amazing. We’re going back for dinner.

We made the mistake of ordering another dish, when we would’ve been fine just eating the empanadas and arugula salad, but this was also amazing:

That’s chicken with Portuguese sauce and Spanish-style potatoes. Deeee-licious.

We did some shopping in our neighborhood after that, then made our way back to Plaza Dorrego for our afternoon coffee. Our good intentions – two cappuccinos – turned into one cappuccino, one cafe con leche, and a split piece of torta de ricota.

Torta de ricota = pie stuffed with ricotta. What a novel concept. Not too sweet, yet still a delightful little pastry.

All in all, a delicious day!


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