Finding Nemo!

One of the restaurants on our list was Nemo, a seafood restaurant in Recoleta, a neighborhood which is also home to the famous Recoleta cemetery. I was craving fish, so it seemed an apt choice for lunch. Of course, we’d slept until 10 today, so by 1 pm we were hungry.

We kept it relatively small today: just a smoked salmon salad…

And a seafood risotto with squid ink. Yes, squid ink. It was wonderful.

Oh, and then we had tiramisu with dulce de leche and cappuccinos. It was almost a small lunch… oopsies.

We ran around Recoleta (mostly taking pictures in the cemetery) for the rest of the afternoon, then made our way back to San Telmo for our afternoon cappuccinos in the Plaza Dorrego. We changed it up a little today – we decided to go on our cab driver’s recommendation and have cappuccinos at Cafe Dorrego.

Then we did some more shopping as we made our way home, and picked up some empanadas from a bakery for dinner. No restaurant-ing tonight… we needed a restaurant break, I think.

Tomorrow… Colonia, Uruguay!


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