Ice cream Sunday!

Once again, we overslept this morning – we may or may not still be on West Coast time. We weren’t super adventurous with our food today, but we did finally check out the helado situation this afternoon. The place we stopped at had quite the selection to choose from:

It was a tough decision. Like the Sophie’s Choice of ice cream.

This was what I had – that’s flan with dulce de leche on top, and chocolate with bombones (candies) on the bottom. It was deeee-licious.

Mom had crema de rusa (top) and pistachio. She was pleased with hers as well.

The cafe boasted some of the best ice cream in Buenos Aires, and I will definitely back that up, despite the fact that we have not and probably will not be sampling any other helado (to avoid the whole not-fitting-into-our-jeans problem that would arise shortly thereafter).

I think we will have to eat empanadas for the rest of our trip. Fortunately, we found the bakery where we got our favorite empanadas a few days ago – they’re AR $2/US $0.50 apiece, so we will be non-broke and well-fed. My skinny jeans still fit me today, so I’m still good for the time being, despite all the bread. You know what I miss, though? Salmon. And cooking in general.

Oh, before I left Seattle, I had the brilliant idea of freezing cottage cheese like I had with the yogurt. Turns out it’s even better than frozen yogurt, because it doesn’t harden the same way and I like the texture better. I’m looking forward to getting back and making more. One more week…


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