Too much food, too little time.

I just realized it’s been a few days since I’ve updated this – whoops. We went to Colonia, Uruguay on Friday and spent yesterday walking to Microcentro and back (with a short subte ride to and from Malabia in vain hopes of finding leather). So I guess I’ll start at the beginning-ish.

Colonia was… alright. I got a few more stamps in my passport and took more pictures, so that was important, but there wasn’t a lot to do besides eat and do a very limited amount of shopping.

For the eating, we went to El Rincon, a quaint restaurant with a patio facing the water. It looked as though it was just a restaurant that had sprung up out of someone’s house, but upon further inspection, we discovered that it was quite a pricey place.

El Rincon also had an outdoor grill fired up and ready to go – it looked as though its main appeal was the parrilla – so of course, my mother and I ordered a salad and ravioli with meat sauce. That ravioli was so yummy, though…

Definitely the best part of being in Colonia. Isn’t it pretty?

Of course, after wandering around the shops near the water for an hour or so, we got bored and walked back to the ferry… about four hours before our ferry was scheduled to depart, I might add. We did meet other Americans on the way back, though – a mother and her two daughters from Georgia. We bonded. That’s one of my favorite parts of going to another country, strangely enough – it’s easier to make friends with other Americans.

Yesterday was a little more fun. We decided to do some walking (in an effort to negate the effects of all the food we’ve been eating), so headed toward Florida, a pedestrian-only street that cuts through Microcentro. Along the way, we stopped in a few little shops. I ended up procuring the most fabulous purple leather purse for $80 – it’s wonderful quality and, had I gotten it from Coach or Nordstrom, it would’ve cost at least $500. That was probably the highlight of my day. I know it’s not food-related, but definitely worth mentioning.

On Lavalle, the pedestrian-only street that intersects Florida, we stopped at a restaurant called El Palacio de la Papa Frita (palace of the French fry) for lunch.

So, naturally, we had a caprese salad, chicken with steamed vegetables, and flan with dulce de leche. That’s right, no potatoes for us! We’re such rebels.

And it would’ve been a healthy lunch, had we not ordered the flan! Oh well. I had to make my mom try dulce de leche. The flan was yummy, anyway, and I’m sure we walked it off (haha, yeah, right – you can’t burn sugar. I’m really just kidding myself).

Once we made our way back to San Telmo for our requisite afternoon cappuccinos, we found this cute little cafe called Las Mazorcas. We liked it so much, we went back for a very early dinner (very early by Argentine standards; about 8:00).

This was our afternoon snack – tapas and bread (with cappuccinos, of course). Those were red bell peppers marinated in olive oil and eggplant “caviar.”

Part one of our dinner: chicken tacos with all kinds of delicious vegetables inside. They were wonderful. Not quite as good as leftovers (we ordered way too much and had to take half of it home for lunch today).

For part two, we had this shrimp with vegetables. We took half of this home as well. We were silly – we got two of each when we could’ve just split it, but my mom assumed the portions would be small like our tapas were earlier. Not so much!

I’ll make a new post for today’s adventures in San Telmo – this is getting long and picture-heavy.


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