International travel + grocery delivery = cure for homesickness.

I love Amazon Fresh. I really do. I’m so lucky to live in Seattle, where we have amenities like grocery delivery that utilizes local food sources and offers organic, fresh produce. When I lived in the University District, I used Safeway’s grocery delivery, which wasn’t nearly as good because they’d bring me the oldest produce they had. As someone who doesn’t drive, grocery delivery is kind of a miracle.

In Buenos Aires, there are no real supermarkets. It’s like Russia. There are supermercados, but they are seriously lacking in things like really fresh vegetables and cottage cheese (I really miss cottage cheese). Supermercados just don’t feel the same as supermarkets – something is missing. Cleanliness, maybe, but that may be the general sense of dirtiness here.

So you can imagine my delight as I logged onto Amazon Fresh to peruse the virtual aisles of groceries that awaited me. I started my journey last weekend when I was craving that frozen cottage cheese concoction I created the night before I left home, and I’ve just completed my order and scheduled my groceries to be delivered a few hours after I get home. I’ve saved myself the time and effort of going grocery shopping while jetlagged and exhausted, and I’ve quelled some of my homesickness in the process.

We’ll see how I feel when I get back next week, but right now, I’m thinking I’ll make empanadas for my coworkers. I don’t think it would be that much work. Kind of like kulebiaka, but even easier.

I miss my kitchen…


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