Back to Perricone… Day 1.

When most people get sick and suddenly lose the ability to taste food properly, I would imagine the last thing they would want to do is eat. Not this foodie. I brought back a nasty cold from Argentina and tried unsuccessfully to go right into the Perricone meals again, but quickly abandoned it in favor of eating everything in my apartment – mostly frozen cottage cheese and gluten-free pizza. And then there was the chocolate. Oh, the chocolate.

But it’s Sunday and I’m almost completely recovered from my cold, so I’m feeling motivated to once again organize my eating habits (not to mention my messy, messy apartment). Since I’ve done this before, I’m just going to post pictures and little captions this time… I don’t want to spend my entire day on this like I did last time, especially since good things may be happening at work and I need to focus my energy on gearing up for these good things.

Without further ado…


2 ounces salmon; 1/4 cup steel-cut oats with 2 tablespoons blueberries; 4 cinnamon almonds.


4 ounces roasted chicken; lettuce and tomato; 1/2 cup four-bean salad.

Afternoon Snack

2 ounces sliced turkey breast; 1 peach; 4 pecans.


4 ounces herb crusted salmon filet; 1/2 cup sauteed spinach; 1 cup lentil soup; tossed green salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with goat cheese.

Bedtime Snack

Deviled egg with 3 olives; 1 pear.

I went for a walk to Whole Foods today and picked up some fruit (along with a few other delicious items). The walk was supposed to be five miles, but the grocery bag was too heavy to walk the entire way back, so it turned out being about three miles. Oh well – at least I exercised for the first time since I’d been back.

All in all, today was a success!


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