Let’s play some catch-up, shall we?

I’ve been marginally good about my eating habits this week, with the exception of the nomming on chocolate after my bedtime snacks and the happy hour I indulged in last night with my girlfriends. But hey, this is life. What fun would it be to be skinny and not indulge every so often?

I have, of course, been keeping up with my meal photography, but I haven’t much felt like blogging, due to a fun combination of busy and lazy. So here’s me, catching up…

I loved that prosciutto asparagus pizza… I can’t make it too often, but I enjoyed it when I had it, so that’s all that matters. I got a little crazy with the food last night after the girls left, too… let’s just say pesto popcorn makes for an amazing snack while watching Bill Maher on a Friday night.

I may head over to Uwajimaya today and pick up some healthy-ish snacks… maybe some nori would be good. I might want pad kee mao for dinner, and I should get some more shirataki noodles. It’s raining, so… we’ll see. It’s Saturday! I can do whatever I want!


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