Healthy foodie goes vegan.

Wait, what? Little Miss I-Heart-Salmon is now eschewing all things animal? Yes, that’s right, folks. I’ve decided to go vegan.

Before you accuse me of arbitrarily trend-following, know this: I have good reason for this decision. I’m in the midst of reading The China Study, a book that has enlightened me to the fact that there is a good possibility that eating animal products can increase one’s chances of getting cancer. As someone whose mother and maternal grandmother had breast cancer, whose father has colon cancer, whose maternal grandfather had prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes… well, any diet that even hints at the possibility of lowering my chances of getting cancer is something I’m going to try. Even if it doesn’t prevent anything, it’s worth a shot, right?

Anyway, today was Day 4 (or Day 2 of strict vegan behavior, because I had a goat cheese and salmon pizza on Friday), and I think I like this. It’s taking some getting used to because it’s such a 180 from the Perricone plan (at least, in terms of type of protein), but I really like that I can have bread and whole wheat pasta, and I’m fascinated that there are so many soy substitutes available. I spent much of this weekend going on supermarket reconnaissance missions that resulted in a refrigerator stuffed to the brims with goodies. I’m especially excited that I can eat potatoes, even though I don’t actually know what to do with a potato to make it delicious. This will be a learning experience, for sure.

For now, I will leave you with a lovely picture of Saturday night’s dinner. That’s a forbidden rice salad (with cranberries, walnuts, celery and red onion), roasted butternut squash, roasted brussels sprouts, and an heirloom tomato salad with soy mozzarella, basil, and balsamic. Isn’t healthy food pretty?


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