Roasted fennel, chickpeas, peppers and grapes.

I won’t copy and paste the recipe, because I did follow it exactly, but I wanted to share with anyone who may be reading that I had a wonderful meal tonight: roasted fennel, chickpeas, peppers and grapes, with a side of sauteed kale and another side of mashed sweet potatoes. I also fed my friend Jen and introduced her to The West Wing, a show to which I am quickly becoming addicted.

Anyway, this was the food:

Who knew roasted grapes could be so delicious? You need to try it. I scoured the vast interwebs this afternoon not at all during work hours in search of a recipe that utilized the weird fruits and veggies I picked up in my fanatical grocery shopping endeavors this weekend, and this recipe ended up being one of my best decisions this week.

After that wholesome meal, I succumbed to an unhealthy craving and made myself a bowl of vegan and gluten free cookie dough and relatively harmless dark chocolate (cocoa powder + boiling water + stevia) and frozen raspberries. Then I baked some cookies. Now I am singing along to my current favorite song, Until It’s Gone by Monica. This song is so ’90s – I love it.


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