A comforting kind of weekend.

It’s always a bummer when the weekend ends. This one was lovely – I did more cooking and a little bit of walking (7.5 miles today!), and accidentally bought more groceries than I needed… again. It was a little sunny here, but fall-sunny rather than summer-sunny. You know what I mean? The air smells of crunchy leaves. It made me want to bake a pumpkin pie.

I didn’t bake a pie, but I did get into casseroles this weekend; specifically, mac and cheese! I had a serious mac and cheese craving all day Saturday and created a delicious variation of this recipe. Seriously… so good. I didn’t have nutritional yeast (yet), so I used some vegan mozzarella and cheddar. I also used quinoa pasta, which is my current favorite, and used peas as my chosen add-in.

It wasn’t so pretty when I managed to get it out of the baking dish – it kind of collapsed before it made it onto the plate – but what it lacked in appearance, it made up for in taste. Om nom nom.

Then I made a single-serving variation of this apple crisp

The apples got quite golden.

Tonight, I made myself a variation of the macaroni casserole, except with gnocchi and my own take on the sauce (minus the butternut, plus some leftover sweet potato):

With some roasted corn on the cob (cut off the cob) and more sauteed kale… I’m really digging kale right now.

And for dessert tonight, I baked a single serving of the best vegan chocolate cake ever, but substituted 2/3 of the flour for panko crumbs, of all things. Then I topped it with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries before putting it in the oven. You know what? It was delicious. Panko crumbs were a good decision – lowered the calories slightly and didn’t sacrifice flavor.

I didn’t take a picture of this one. By the time it was out of the oven and cool enough to eat, I just wanted to eat! Mmm, chocolate…


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