Juice fasting, day 3.

I’m still at work, waiting for a report to run (I’ve been waiting for it all day and am mildly frustrated, but that’s neither here nor there), so I thought I’d blog about today’s juice fasting adventure. Although, lack of adventure is really more like it.

I’ve had a little more juice today than I did yesterday – finished up that carrot juice (there were other things in it, too, but it looked rather orange). Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like carrots? As in, they prompt a serious gag reflex. I’m convinced I’m allergic. No one believes me. Anyway, I finished up the carrot-like juice, which was a relief because, while it tasted fine, I was still disturbed by the fact that I was drinking carrot juice. The beet juice I made was pretty good, but the green lemonade was probably my favorite. Overall, I think I’ve had the most positive experiences with green juices.

I feel pretty normal, actually – I was expecting to feel hungrier during this little experiment. At work today, I didn’t feel as though I was wandering through my day in a fog, or forgetting words (this happens when I’m tired or hungry, usually). I feel strangely relaxed, though not overly energetic. I also really enjoy that I don’t feel bloated like I usually do after I eat. My waist is down almost an inch since Saturday. The way this is going, I think I can continue through at least the end of the week and be just fine.

The downside is that I’m quickly running out of fruits and veggies to juice! I think I’ll have to stop by the expensive downtown supermarket on my way home today, because it’s getting late and Pike Place will be closed by the time I leave. Meh, oh well. I only spent $30 at Uwajimaya this weekend. Produce is cheap, man.


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