My second attempt at a juice fast, Day 1.

The last juice fast lasted until the evening of Day 6, at which point I decided I’d earned real food. Of course, then it got snowy in Seattle and I foolishly decided to gorge on cookies. Uh, note to self: gorging on cookies? Always a bad idea.

Anyway, it’s March now. I’ve been eating mostly good stuff for the past few months (after the snow-related cookie binge), and just got back from a week-long trip to New York, my new favorite city. Of course, I didn’t eat perfectly while I was in Manhattan, but I did happen to do a lot of walking, so I’m sure it all balanced out (that’s how that works, right?). I finally got back to the gym once my apartment management finished renovating it – I think the lack of gym really helped to derail my fitness efforts for the past few months. However, I’m getting frustrated that it’s taking so long to fit into my clothes properly.

The juice fast really was working before I abandoned it completely in favor of the deliciously unhealthy things that came out of the oven. My “fat pants” (not many people would consider size 4 jeans “fat pants,” but whatever, it is what it is) were getting loose again on day 6. My face was thinner. I felt more energetic. I think the danger lies in the weekend; I like to be a lazy bum on the weekends, but I also get bored, and boredom often leads to TV, which often leads to snacking. I think I’ll be okay now, since I’m working out again, so I’ll have something to keep me occupied. I’ve noticed that working out every day also really helps to keep me disciplined about my diet and even about work.

Now, to help keep me motivated, here are the Reasons I’m Doing This:

  • I want to be healthy, of course.
  • I am in the midst of trying to decide whether I want to live in San Francisco or New York. I want to be in fantastic shape when I ultimately move to one of those cities (right now I’m leaning more toward San Francisco, but the pendulum just keeps swinging).
  • I want to fit into the majority of my wardrobe staples so I don’t have to keep wearing the same outfits. Wearing the same outfits all the time is annoying. I also can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe again.
  • I want to try out for The Voice (by video submission, because I don’t live near any of their audition cities), and I want to look my best in the video. My best is about 15 lbs lighter. I think the video is due by mid-April.
  • I want to start my 27th year off right – healthy and happy. I’m mostly healthy now, but I’m not as happy as I was when I was lighter. I know it’s not all about weight, but it is all about being happy with the way I look, and I’m not really feeling that way right now.
  • I know I can do this. I love the feeling of accomplishing a goal that isn’t necessarily the easiest to accomplish, and I need to feel that way again – this is something I feel I need to do for myself.

My goal end date is 3/23, which is next Friday. My mom flies in that day and I’ll be celebrating my birthday that weekend (although it is the following Wednesday). I may pick it back up during my birthday week, depending how far I get with it during the first round.

Or maybe I’ll fast for a few days, have one day of food, then go back to fasting. That might be easier/more practical. I’ll keep it somewhat flexible so I don’t get down on myself if I don’t make it the full 10 days… I think that’s better.

I also think this would be easier to do in New York. There were juice bars all over the place… it was fantastic. I can only think of two juice bars in downtown Seattle, one at the Convention Center and one in the Market. Just one of many reasons why New York is awesome.


2 responses to “My second attempt at a juice fast, Day 1.

  1. Good luck. I’m debating whether to do this…though not sure I’m capable given my love for all things food and beer. How do the costs compare to regular shopping? We avg. right around $125/wk for 5 days worth of meals (breakfast,lunch,dinner).

    • Thanks for the support! 🙂 I’ve found that it’s easier – and more fun – if I think of it as a new culinary adventure rather than deprivation of the foods I love. And I DO love food (probably too much… haha)! I’ve managed to keep it on the less expensive side, but I can’t say I’ve kept track very well (I’m terrible with budgets) – I do know that leafy greens and most vegetables are generally really cheap, especially at farmers’ markets, and fruits, apples especially, tend to be on the pricier side. It also depends whether you go organic, which I generally don’t. I’ve also found that Trader Joe’s is a great place to get bulk fruits and veggies inexpensively.

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