My second attempt at a juice fast, Day 2.

No. Energy.

I just stared at the screen for about ten seconds after I wrote that because I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Guess my concentration and attention span are also suffering today.

All this may be due to the fact that I got up at 4:45 this morning instead of the standard 6:30, or it may be due to the lack of solid food. I keep seeing/smelling solid food and wanting to chomp on it.

I didn’t have this problem last time I fasted, I realized, because the first two days of that fast were done on a weekend. I remember day 3 being fine. Fortunately, no one has brought in a pie today (it’s pi day… get it? Yeah, I work with actuaries), but there are cookies lurking and I glimpsed a lone muffin in the breakroom.

Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.


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