Food on the brain.

My days this summer have mostly consisted of either eating or thinking about eating, with brief interludes of panic about grad school and making plans to move to San Francisco in January. It’s kind of amazing that I haven’t posted about any of these food-related thoughts. My brain is starting to wake up and want to invent recipes again, and I have to be especially creative now that I’m attempting to live on a student-like budget (which, incidentally, is unrelated to my decision to go back to school).

Right now, this very moment, I’m thinking about turkey burgers. Turkey burgers with gluten-free hamburger buns and zucchini fries. An heirloom tomato salad. I need to have a dinner party. This meal would be so pretty.

I need to do more things with black rice, too. The problem with introducing black rice back into my diet is that I lose all sense of portion control when it comes to grains. I need to taste it to make sure it’s done, right? And then taste it again to make sure the second bite is as delicious as the first? You never know what could happen. Maybe three heaping spoonfuls of black rice… maybe seventeen. Before I know it, half the black rice is gone and I haven’t even combined it with the other ingredients that were supposed to be included. So you see the issues inherent with that plan. But if I can control myself, someday, eventually, I could make something really delicious out of black rice, and maybe not eat it compulsively.

Also… I have tuna and cod fillets in the freezer. I don’t know what to do with them. There might be halibut, I don’t know. I usually just marinate salmon fillets in Soy Vay’s teriyaki marinade, but can you do that with tuna? Is cod too delicate to marinate? Trader Joe’s does this ginger-soy cod, that’s marinated. I mean, it must be. I could also defrost it, coat it in panko, and pan-fry it. But that’s not very exciting. I’d need to get parmesan and an egg to make it come together. Oh! I have basil and artichoke pesto (separate pestos). Maybe… those two, with olive oil? For a marinade?

Anyway. I miss being able to go to the store on a whim and grab all the ingredients I’ll need for whatever deliciousness Fine Cooking prompts me to replicate. However, with this new budget I’m attempting to follow, I’ve managed to get by on spending $30 a week on produce at Pike Place Market, and produce is the thing I need to buy most often, so I think this is going to work out. I’m going to miss Pike Place when I move to SF… I’m really starting to bond with the produce boys at Corner Produce.


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