The plan for Monday.


It’s always better to have a plan, right? So here’s my plan for tomorrow:

Day 1

Breakfast 3-4 ounces smoked salmon; 1/4 cup steel cut oatmeal; 2 tbsp blueberries; 4 almonds

Lunch 4 ounces tuna salad; Lettuce and tomato; 1/2 cup three-bean salad

Afternoon Snack 2 ounces sliced turkey breast; 4 hazelnuts; 4 celery sticks

Dinner 4 ounces salmon; 1/2 cup garbanzo beans; tossed green salad with olive oil and lemon juice; 1/2 cup steamed spinach

Bedtime Snack 1 hard boiled egg; 3 celery sticks; 3 red pepper strips; 3 green olives

AM Workout JM Ripped in 30 Level 2

PM Workout Run to gym/Elliptical 60 min.


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