I’m really only half crazy.

I’ve been terribly, unforgivably inconsistent with updating the ol’ blog. I mean, it’s supposed to be a food blog – and besides that, a healthy food blog – yet, I haven’t been much into the cooking. That isn’t to say I haven’t been into the eating. It just hasn’t been super healthy until the past month or so. Now I’m back on the healthy foodie wagon.

I have a roommate these days. She’s pretty great – I found her on Craigslist and we get along really well (I get all the best stuff on Craigslist!). We just started going to Crunch together last week, where I started running again. Had I mentioned that I’d started running last year? I did – I got into running 3-4 miles a day probably 4-5 days a week, in addition to rotating my Jillian Michaels DVDs. All was going swimmingly until I went to Orlando for a business trip in November, located the hotel gym, got really excited about the fancy treadmill and ran 10 miles… and hurt myself. My right hamstring, to be exact. Now, I’m finally able to run without any pain or discomfort. So far, I can do 4 miles without any issues. And I’m a little faster than I was last year, even.

So I registered for my first half marathon (!).

I’ll be running the San Francisco Nike Women’s Half in October! Yes, for sure, because I registered as a student and students don’t have to do the random draw. w00t. I’m just looking forward to the finish line, where I’ll get a Tiffany necklace handed to me by the friendly firemen. Me likey.

Oh, and like magic (not really), I’m back in my size 0 work pants today. They’re a little snug, but they button! Baby steps.


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