Whole30, Days 4 and 5.

Welp, I made it through the fourth and fifth days without anything traumatic happening. Today was apparently the first day of “kill all the things,” but nothing suffered except a near-empty jar of coconut butter. The same fate belied a similarly filled jar of cashew butter yesterday. I vow from this day forward to avoid procuring delicious things that can be eaten directly out of the jars in which they are contained. I mean, unless they call to me, in which case all bets are off. I’m looking at you, cashew butter. I’ll be back for you.

Otherwise, the past few days have been comprised of fun and eventful cooking experiences. Yesterday, I made my very first breakfast hash. Today, I made my second breakfast hash, quite similar to the first, except omitting the sweet potato in favor of leftover butternut squash and kale instead of spinach. I’ll be honest: while today’s breakfast was scrumptious, yesterday’s was better. I’m still working on my egg-frying technique, but I feel like that’s just a good excuse to have another hash for breakfast tomorrow.

Lunches have been somewhat unexciting. I usually do salads for lunch, but the past few days have been leftovers. Not terribly thrilling, although it’s sort of exciting to use the microwave at work, mostly because it involves me getting up from my desk and going upstairs to the kitchen. My life is thrilling.

Dinner. I get so creative with the dinners. Last night’s was unexpectedly tasty: I made Mexican cauliflower rice (I made up the recipe! The secret: lots of cumin), heated up some shredded chicken from my Whole Foods rotisserie chicken, added some pico de gallo and spicy guacamole from Trader Joe’s, and that was dinner. Oh, and I broke up some compliant plantain chips and mixed those in there, too. It was super fast and quite a treat. That was lunch today, too. Tonight’s dinner was not as exciting (comprised mainly of leftovers), but made me happy as well.

The unfortunate thing is, my tummy has not been very pleased with me for the past week or so. I can only assume it’s detox-related, or because of the cashew butter that kept making its way onto my hapless spoon, but I’d really like it if it ceased being problematic.

True to form, I was sleepy again yesterday afternoon and took an hour-long nap when I got home from work, but I wasn’t tempted to do that today. I even cleaned the apartment this morning after I got home from the gym! Progress.

Otherwise, my workouts have been improving – largely because I’m so sleepy in the morning I can mostly tune out while running, so I make it through four miles without much awareness (and therefore, fewer mental battles: “I only need to do two miles today… I’m bored… I can stop at one and a half…”). My Jillian circuits are also fine – I’ve noticed that No More Trouble Zones (my favorite) is easy again, which means I’m in comparable shape to where I was last October/November.

Full disclosure: The plantain chips are sitting next to me on the couch right now. I’m going to, ahem, get rid of the few remaining chips so they don’t tempt me with their utter… chip-ness.

On to Day 6!… The plantain chips are gone now.


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