Eating cleanish, day 1.

Today’s workouts:

Walked 1.24 miles
24 minutes of No More Trouble Zones
35 minutes of Ripped in 30 – Level 1
Walked 6.31 miles

Today’s food:

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I’m referring to this current attempt to eat Perricone-ishly (I made a new word!) as “eating cleanish.” The “ish” is because I make no promises to eat perfectly “clean,” and also because definitions of “eating clean” can be variable and I really don’t know what it means aside from eating food that’s as unprocessed as you can find it. Also, I like adding “ish” to the ends of words because it makes them sound adorably ambiguous. The whole purpose of this period of time – which I anticipate to last at least until my birthday (March 28) – is to get myself away from eating “addictive foods” like popcorn and to refocus my energy on making conscious food decisions.

Anyway, overall, food today was a success! I deviated a bit by eating a Quest Bar (love these) for my afternoon snack instead of turkey slices + veggies, but as far as deviations go, I think that one is acceptable. Ate salmon at every meal today… mmm, salmon.

How I felt today:

Honestly, sleepy-tired (as opposed to tired because I work so hard… ’cause I don’t). I woke up at 7 am (two hours later than I’d wanted to) and my entire day has been lagging. I’d wanted to get serious about starting on my classwork today (it’s all due Sunday), but it didn’t happen. My major accomplishment of the day was that big walk – Bella and I walked all the way from my apartment on Nob Hill to the Presidio. It’s all downhill on the way there, but the hills really mean business on the way back, particularly the climb up Hyde that ends at Lombard (at the top of the crooked street that all the tourists like to stand in the middle of with their cameras, endangering their lives). Anyway, it was quite a walk. Dog is tired.

Tomorrow, I get my act together and get some serious schoolwork done. Tonight, I watch more episodes of Full House. Oh the shame.