I heart my grill.

I did some grilling this weekend. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of grilling this week – mostly salmon, but on Friday I hosted a dinner party and grilled some chicken from Trader Joe’s. And my little electric grill? Amazing.

I’m still working on getting the grill marks, but this meal (I think it was on Tuesday) was delicious. Grilled salmon and grilled asparagus… how could that be wrong? Oh! And iced tea! I made that myself. Oh so summery.

I figured it was apropos to blog about grilling, since it is Labor Day, the unofficial last weekend of summer. I also had homemade frozen yogurt for breakfast. It just felt right. It is a holiday, after all. I think I’ll spend today doing some residual grocery shopping – I went to Target for much of my weekly food supply on Saturday, then walked to Uwajimaya for the remainder yesterday – but I went into cleaning-out-the-cabinet-by-baking-sweets mode last night, so now I need more lemon juice (I took my first shot at baking lemon bars). I also baked some cookies. Don’t worry, I won’t be eating either of these concoctions. I will be donating them to a very special cause, the My Coworkers Need Snack Food Fund.

It’s almost 10:30 am. Guess I should get dressed and go walk around in the sun while we still have it!


Bad foodie, very bad.

Or maybe I’ve been a good foodie and a bad healthy foodie. Hmm. Either way, I’ve been really enthusiastic about all food-related pursuits lately… a little too¬†enthusiastic, if you catch my drift. I’ve been back on Perricone for the past week, and while I’ve been (mostly) obedient, I went a little overboard once or twice, and worst of all, I haven’t been working out. So, naturally, I was beginning to get pretty frustrated when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see.

No, these pelmeni were not gluten free. And yes, they were delicious.

So, for my August resolution, I will 1) stick to Perricone for as long as I can stand, and 2) work out every day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. I got this app called MapMyWalk and walked a total of 5.87 miles today. I’m going to get back into this walking thing. I feel so much better about life when I’m exercising.

And, because this is a foodie blog, I feel I must share a photo of tonight’s scrumptious and healthy dinner:

4 oz. coconut breaded chicken fingers (from Whole Foods); pesto dipping sauce; grilled vegetable kabob (from Trader Joe’s); romaine salad with roma tomato, red onion, fresh basil and parmesan cheese, dressed with olive oil-balsamic vinaigrette.

As you probably figured out, I used my new grill for the veggies. It was only the second time I’ve used it, but I’m getting markedly less nervous about the smoke. I really enjoy cooking on this grill. It cooks things fast and it smells like summer.

I’m going to be better about posting, I swear. I feel like it’s the only thing that keeps me honest about what I’m eating, aside from logging everything (and that takes a lot¬†more time).

I’m too lazy to write words.

I lied, there are words at the end. Meanwhile, look at the pretty pictures…

This is my new electric grill… my mom and I found it at Target this weekend. It works! We grilled the veggies on it tonight and grilled the salmon last night. Yum.

Also, my mommy is a bad influence. She and I have been eating flan every night for dessert. And today when I got home from work, we pretty much snacked until dinner. I honestly don’t know how she’s so thin. I did hop on the elliptical after work, though, so at least I worked out today. Le sigh.