Tonight’s Latin-themed dinner.

As planned, I made these shrimp and avocado quesadillas for dinner tonight, using the spicy shrimp, extra thin yellow corn tortillas (no gluten, low carbs), and a combination of cotija cheese and a low-fat Mexican shredded cheese blend from Trader Joe’s. Photographic evidence:

I tried to flip them fearlessly when instructed to do so, but I think they were stuffed a little full and some of the innards decided to flop onto the pan. I then learned that cheese cooking directly on the pan smells delicious – not sarcasm. I think next time I’ll not-so-accidentally sprinkle some cheese between the pan and the tortilla for some crispy cheese tortilla action.

This lovely quesadilla was accompanied by Cuban black bean bisque, fresh pico de gallo, and the remainder of the avocado and tomato (the portion that wouldn’t fit in the quesadilla). More photographic evidence:

It was almost Perricone-friendly… except for the tortillas and the cheese. But you can’t make quesadillas without tortillas and cheese… it would be foolish to attempt such an endeavor.

Earlier today, I treated myself to smoked salmon from Pike Place Market. I watched the guys throw my fish to each other behind the counter as French-speaking tourists looked on in amazement. I love buying my groceries at Pike Place – I always end up getting something for a discount. Today, I asked for – and paid for – 8 ounces and got 10. When I went on Saturday, I managed to get $17 worth of berries for $15. The only problem is that I usually have to fight my way through slow-moving tourists to get where I need to go, and I don’t usually have the patience. Today was special.

I also picked up a few more cookbooks at World Market on my way home, and finally got the copy I ordered of Nothing Beets Borscht when I arrived at home. What an exciting day of food-ing I’ve had…

And now, to peruse my new cookbooks. Yay!