Changes prompted by other people’s changes, and other updates.

A male friend – with whom I have a slightly strange, complicated, long-term relationship that isn’t a “relationship” – is moving to New York. He apparently got a promotion, complete with a transfer to one of the best cities in the world. Hearing his tremendous news made me want to punch things. That, and win the lottery, quit my job, and move to Paris, just to one-up him. Oh, and lose 20 lbs.

But really. I’m happy for him.


Anyway, I also decided this week that I’m finally going to get a dog. I’ve been toying with the idea for a few years now and never felt like it was quite right, but I woke up on Wednesday and ¬†realized there was no good reason I couldn’t just get a dog now. I would do it eventually. Sure, a dog will make my life a little more challenging, but it would be worth it for me. I love dogs. I’d be a good dog owner. I go out for long walks already, I need a furry walking buddy. So, I will be getting a dog, hopefully in the very near future.

I think it will take a little longer because I’m being fairly picky about breed, size, etc… I have to be, otherwise I’d end up taking home all the dogs, and I can only afford to take care of one. I’m looking for a black or chocolate Lab, 60 lbs or under, under 3 years old but not a puppy (the youngest would be 9 months). Most Labs under 60 lbs are going to be female, but I actually found two males (brothers) that I will be seeing on Saturday. I found two females online, but their current owners haven’t gotten back to me yet, so… no clue. I had no idea it would be this hard to even get a response. Le sigh.

This dog-finding mission has kept me nice and distracted for the past few days, so fortunately, the past two workdays have gone by quickly. I had been getting very bored in the mornings and eating lunch too early, then getting really ravenously hungry later in the day… unfortunate.

However, I ordered these protein bars late last week in an effort to have quick, easy, healthy breakfasts, and they just arrived yesterday afternoon. I got the all-natural line, which is made with Stevia instead of sucralose (the original line is made with sucralose). They’re actually pretty tasty, but my favorite part is that they kept me full all morning, for once. I had lunch close to 1 and I wasn’t even hungry yet. I’m going to try a few more flavors, but I’m really excited about these babies. More excited than any sane person should be about protein bars.

I also finally got a walking/jogging hat today, after learning my lesson the hard way by being caught in a torrential downpour during my walk yesterday afternoon and having to turn back early. It was awkward to be on the trail trying to hold down my hood while the properly clad runners zoomed by with their waterproof-looking hats and superior looks on their faces. Pshh. Whatever, runners. None of you have awesome pink shoes.

Tomorrow’s Friday. Fridays are wonderful. Almost as wonderful as Saturdays.